Welcome to Verde, we are an Indian brand that celebrates the joy of self-expression and embracing your unique style. Explore our consciously crafted selection of accessories, proudly made in India.


To bring back the fun to luxury.
Luxury doesn't have to be boring. At Verde, we celebrate the vibrant and the quirky. Our collection breaks free from the monotony of neutrals and beige, embracing a kaleidoscope of colors and unique designs that add a fresh and fun touch to your ensemble.


At Verde, we are committed to creating the highest quality products, designed for their allure and unmatched aesthetic appeal. Our offerings encompass a range of consciously crafted accessories that redefine luxury. From men's cufflinks that exude sophistication to exquisite ties and tote bags that blend practicality and elegance, each piece is built to last.


Inspired by the noble rhinoceros, our emblem, Verde stands as a symbol of strength, grace, and uniqueness. Just like the rhino's unwavering spirit, our products embody these qualities, crafting a legacy of remarkable style.
We believe in making a difference beyond fashion. At Verde, we are proud to contribute 5% of our profits to initiatives dedicated to solving the climate and biodiversity crises. With every purchase, you join us in creating positive change, supporting a cause that is close to our hearts.

Meet The Team

Gurmehr Marwah - Founder

Gurmehr is an environmentalist with over five years of experience in conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation. Having studied at UCL, London and and worked for UNEP, Bangkok, she is now working with the public sector in India to support India's climate and nature goals. With an unmatched sense of aesthetic and a determined commitment towards sustainability - she is the driving force of our team.

Keshav Sharma - Co-Founder

Keshav is a Chartered Accountant with a knack for numbers and an endless curiosity. He worked in M&A with Deloitte for 3 years before venturing into his own tax practice. He loves reading history, travelling and watching football.

We started Verde because we wanted the Modern Indian to be able to wear their heart on their sleeve, and look classy while doing that. We want people to express their uniqueness with an elevated level of aesthetic and luxury.

Ollie - Happiness Ambassador

Ollie is the friendliest golden retriever in all of India - at least we think so (we may be biased). A single look at him is sure to brighten up your day and fill you with warmth and happiness. He is tasked with the most important job of keeping the team happy so that they can keep our customers happy. Ollie, with his best friend Dobby are the inspiration behind our inaugral collection.

Dobby - Chief Doggo Officer

If you ever thought that dachshunds could not be taskmasters, you should meet our CDO - Dobby. A sausage dog with a heart of a tiger, he breaks all records of the courage to size ratio. Dobby (and only Dobby - as he would like you to believe) is the inspiration behind our inaugral collection.